Saturday, January 29, 2005

Fountain of Youth

"The Fountain of Youth National Archaeological Park in St. Augustine is the site where Spanish conquistadors first came ashore in what is now the continental United States. On April 3, 1513, in the season of "Pascua Florida" - as Easter Season is known in Spanish (meaning Feast of Flowers) - Ponce de Leon expedition sighted land in the present locality of St. Augustine and named it La Florida. Ponce de Leon took possession of the continent for Spain, naming it "La Florida" to commemorate the Easter season and the blossom-filled coastline he encountered. Here is the exact place where Ponce de Leon found what he believed it was The Fountain of Youth".
This is a picture of my father and my daugther, as a real example of "eternal youth", kept alive when we pass down our culture from one generation to the other.
Shot at Saint Augustine FL.
This is my entry to this week Photo Friday's Challenge: Youth


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